Formaly Ruffen Common which was set up in 2003 by Artist friends Mick Cawston and Brian Andrew in Lynton. In 2013 the business restarted alas minus Mick in Lynmouth where Dale Bowen the painter joined.

In late 2014 Dale left and Russell Joined Brian at the Studio In Lynmouth

in Early 2019 Brian departed for Switzerland to set up a new pottery studio and live and work in the Swiss Alps then relocated to Launceston Cornwall in 2021 to carry on the Ruffen Common Legacy..


Now Lynmouth Pottery and run by Russell, he works here making pots and he can be seen working and producing an ever growing and developing range of work, come say hello and hopefully buy some pots from the show room to take home and enjoy.

Usually open 9-5 ish Monday to Saturday but not always.

please ring ahead if you are making a special journey.

I show at ceramics fairs through the summer so will be away the dates for these are 


07821817105 - Russell

also parking is rubbish april-october at the moment so if you looking to visit Lynmouth its best to arrive before 10am to get a spot before the mayhem.