I believe a good pot can make food taste better. Drinking from a handmade mug makes the experience more human and personal. Its important to let the material and its human manipulation shine. I draw inspiration from Exmoor and the sea.

I make Devonshire Slipware it’s the perfect medium for me. Its roots in North Devon are what drew me to it. Its humble origins of the everyday medieval pot to its vibrant place in todays studio pottery. Its undoubtedly made from clay. Its liquid nature allows me to capture movements in ways that other forms of ceramics can not and its colours’ have richness and depth.

My work is wheel thrown and slab built. Pots are to be used so forms are simple and Robust. Rims are rolled for strength and to mirror the chunky ring at the bottom which is used for slipping and glazing. Handles are pulled from the pot as if they had grown there. Slip is dipped, poured, brushed, trailed and splashed with animated movements. Colour is using oxides and glazes. Pots are then once fired in a electric kiln from 1100c – 1140c.

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